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I’ll be there standing with them...


Where Americans trust themselves and one another to make their own choices and follow their own paths.


Where Americans know the government is the servant of the people’s freedoms and that the American people are not servants of the government.


Where Moms and Dads want to pass on a life of American opportunity for their children and not allow Washington to pass on a lifetime sentence of foreign debt, endless toil and cruel punitive taxation.


Where life is honored and celebrated, …  be it in the last final weary heartbeats of a journey’s completion or the first magical …. joyful heartbeats in the womb of a journey ……  soon to begin.


Where Americans in their sure and certain wisdom describe Washington’s present economic policy as, “I earned it …. The government took it ….. That’s wrong”.


Where Americans know that military and economic weakness lead to hazard and hazard is the doorman to national tragedy.



Where Americans simply seek to pass on their faith and their values to their children without recrimination, or humiliation or mockery.


Where Americans understand that ever since July 4, 1776, when we turned away from King George and royalty and aristocracy it is always our proud tradition that our flag will not dip and our people will bow to no King  and to no mortal man.


Where families work and strive to build a better world for their children.



Where families know that the Federal government makes a very poor Mom an insufficient husband and offers no kind of “god” to replace our Own.


Where men and women work to feed their family and not to feed the Federal bureaucracy.


Where Americans say to Washington we won’t have your Czars and we won’t be your serfs.


Where Americans understand that our rights are given to us by our Creator at our conception and therefore can’t be taken by any man or any group of men be it Congress, King or Court.


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